About us

Team Aruba Happy Realty

Passion for real estate is the foundation for what we do.

Aruba Happy Realty is one of the most successful and respected real estate specialists in Aruba. The founder & entrepreneur Martin Franke started its activities in 1995 in the Netherlands as a real estate developer.

Real estate projects in prime locations on were all actively and efficiently carried out to the complete satisfaction of the current owners.

In 2015, Martin Franke continued his activities in Aruba as Aruba Happy Realty and expanded its qualified staff to provide the best possible service on the island. We offer the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of services, as well as real estate developer, broker, finance & mortgage specialist and all kind of insurances.

The Aruba Happy Realty team consists of experienced professionals who are motivated and happy to provide you with service, advice and assistance on a personal level when it comes to real estate and financing services. Whether you are planning to buy, lease, sell, rent, develop or invest, we are here to help you.

Aruba Happy Realty is at home on all real estate playing fields.


  • Our mission is not to sell or lease real estate.
  • Our mission is to provide full high-quality service in everything related to real estate.
  • The best you can get. Up right and professional. So, you, feel at home.


Aruba’s real estate market seems to be saturated by “brokers” who offer their “services”. The market is constantly changing and at an accelerated pace. We continuously monitor the market so we know what is going on. As a consumer, you are very critical and want accurate and efficient action, so you can get where you want to be quickly and effectively. This is what Aruba Happy Realty stands for. A satisfied, durable and solid client-base.

Our team members

Martin Franke

Managing Director & Development Specialist

Linda Belgraver Realtor

Real Estate Agent

Luis Ras

Sales Agent

Barbara Franke

Financial Manager

Gwendeline Geerman

Compliance Officer

Lydienne Rollock

Sales Assistant

Melissa Pineros Agudelo

General Manager

Hayley Perez-Cornelio

Sales Agent

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