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Works exclusively for the benefit of the Real Estate buyer. Our mission is to help you find a better condo, luxury home or commercial real estate for a fair price. We provide personalized service, unbiased representation, independent market research, and expert knowledge for real estate buyers.

A better way to buy Real Estate in Aruba.

Personalized Service

We know it takes time to find and choose the right property, whether a condo, home or new investment property. That is why we exist to serve you by handling all the complicated steps and research, so you don’t have to. Receive your free consultation from our agents. Our team will take all your needs and desires into account so that they can track down the property you are seeking. Once the agent has a shortlist for you to view, they’ll accompany you along every step of the way to answer questions and provide advice.

What We Do

If you’re in the market for a condo, luxury home, commercial real estate or investment in Aruba, then you’ll need the best representation possible. Many homebuyers mistake choosing a sales agent or a part-time buyer’s agent. The problem with this could be the wrong representation. Agents are not always obligated to work in your favor. A sales agent is excellent when you’re selling a property, but the potential dual agency can often work against you if you’re buying. That is because sales agents work for the seller; their job is to get the highest price possible and terms in favor of the seller. Instead, if you go with an exclusive buyer’s agent, then you’ll be guaranteed a loyal agent who will work only for you. That is precisely what Pescara Buyers Agent Aruba provides, a dependable, trusted agent who will look after your best interests and fight to get a property on fair terms. Whether you’re a resident or a foreign investor, we’ve got the skills and experience to find a property that suits your needs and secure it on terms favorable to you.

What Is An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s agent makes the purchasing process easier; we present you with all the facts about every property considered. Since our firm doesn’t handle sales listings in any way, we have no conflict of interest when extending our services. In other words, a buyer’s agent is legally bound to work for your best interest. Our responsibility is to discover and pass along any information that helps you decide on a specific property. Experienced buyer’s agents can identify properties that could outperform and negotiate the best price. A seasoned exclusive buyer’s agent performs comparative market analysis, much like an analyst, which traditional dual agents do not deliver to the same degree.

We Help You Secure A Mortgage

Mortgage financing can be complicated and confusing. It can be tough to decide which mortgage loan or bank is right for your circumstances, especially when your first home purchase. A buyer’s agent will help you navigate seamlessly. They’ll help you understand each of your options and help you to secure pre-approval and mortgage financing. It is important to know not all banks can close the deal or position your offer as well.

We Analyze The Market And Comps

With two decades of Aruba’s housing market experience, we know what to look for to find the essential information. Whether condo, luxury home or commercial real estate, we assess relevant like-kind comps and make adjustments to the market, ensuring our clients pay the right price for property no matter the type of property. With real-time market data and access to the best tools available, we position our clients for a successful property purchase.

Submit Offer Strategies

Using an in-depth comparative market analysis report and real-time considerations, expect to receive a detailed report that will best position your offer. The summary includes a fair value estimate and strategies for the offer price and negotiations. We put you in the best position to make the right offer.

Expert Negotiators

The majority of listed properties in Aruba are represented by listing agents. Buyers must deal with listing agents rather than the sellers. Without a buyer’s broker to represent your interests, the listing agent will assume dual agency. Meaning that while the listing agent will help you with any questions, their loyalty will be to the seller. Their job is to sell for the highest price possible. Therefore, in negotiations, they will always lean towards favoring the seller. Unless you have a lot of experience handling negotiations, you could be in for a rough ride on your own. There may be counter-offers and other interested buyers. You could see your offer rejected unless negotiated carefully.

Professional Sundry Services

Buying a home requires the help of several different professionals. Mortgage brokers consult real estate attorneys, home inspectors, contractors, and others before closing. The cost of these services can add up, which is why we source the very best professionals to help you make it to the closing day and beyond. As should be clear by now, exclusive buyer’s agents are the way to go. Our agents provide undivided loyalty to you and work to get you the best price and terms possible. Since buying a home is such a big decision, you’ll need the best advice and guidance you can get. Our agents work to do just that.

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