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You want to buy a house, condo, villa or commercial property? What are your wishes? Do you own a property that has yet to be sold? What are your financial resources?

Do you need financing?

These are a lot of questions that come to you. With Aruba Happy Realty as your realtor you will get the right answers.

Buy a property in 6 steps

Step 1 : Your Search

As your realtor, we will always encourage you to look at various neighborhoods. This gives you insight into the area and facilities, such as schools, shops and the infrastructure.

Aruba Happy Realty has an extensive network with other AAR brokers. Because of this he will have the first insight into homes that come on the market or have additional information about new projects. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to make a good selection from the actual available properties.

Step 2 : Viewing

Have you seen a property or location that appeals to you, we are happy to make an appointment for a viewing. With one of our agents you will view the property with new eyes, we especially pay attention to the maintenance of the property and its potential.

Step 3 : Negotiation 

If you want to buy a particular property Aruba Happy Realty advises you on the right bidding strategy and the opening bid.

Step 4 : Signing the contract

If the seller accepts your bid, the contract will be drawn up. Our agent will make the contract. Is everything all right, then you and the seller sign the initial purchase and the contract will go to the notary of your choice.

Step 5 : Finance

If your bid is accepted by the seller it is time to secure the financing. You can arrange your finance in Aruba as well, we will inform you about the conditions and possibilities.

Your total financing need is based on the purchase price, any renovation plans, your own available money and the so-called buyer/ closing costs (the cost of the cadastral registration,

transfer tax and the notary’s fee for deed transfer).

Step 6 : Notary

When a date is set for transfer of the property, your agent of Aruba Happy Realty will advise you about everything that needs to be regulated. So nothing is overlooked and the notary can prepare the transfer of ownership (deed of transfer). A few days before delivery you will receive a draft of the notary deed and a invoice from the notary.

Just before the transfer a home inspection with your agent of Aruba Happy Realty is scheduled to confirm the home is still in the agreed condition.

Then you sign the deed of transfer . The house is now on your name and registered by the notary at the Land Registry.

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