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Can a non-Aruba citizen, tourist or a company buy real estate in Aruba?

Yes anyone that has the proper funds can purchase a property, there are no restrictions.
You can pay for this property with your own funds or apply for a mortgage.

What is the difference between lease land and property land?

When you buy property land you own the land indefinitely until you sell it. When you buy lease land, the government owns this land and leases it to you the buyer for a period of 60 years at a yearly fee.

What kind of costs and taxes are involved with purchasing a property in Aruba?

Aruba knows the following type of taxes when it comes to properties.
  1. Transfer tax: this tax is 3% of the value if lower than $141,000, when value is higher, then it is 6%.
  2. Property tax:  the tax department appraises the value of your property and taxes it accordingly, see for more info

Closing Costs

With the purchase of your property the total closing cost is between 5-8 percent. This is the property tax, as previously mentioned plus the notary fee of transferring the deed, plus notary fee for a mortgage on the deed if in applicable.

How do I arrange insurance for my property in Aruba?

Your agent at Aruba Happy Realty will advise you regarding insurance. The type of insurance that is right for you also depends on what the purpose and usage of the property is. Is it commercial, do you rent it out, is there inventory? Based upon your situation we will give you the right advice concerning a comprehensive property insurance.

Do you offer a rental program?

Depending of what type of property you have or what kind of tenant you are looking for, your agent at Aruba Happy Realty can assist you with this. Within Aruba Happy Realty we have hands on experience in property & rental management and through our sister company Aruba Happy Rentals you have access to a large market of residential tenants with excellent rental possibilities.

What about utilities on the island?

Water, electricity and also cable TV and internet services are provided by government owned companies. Our property managers will handle this for you and get you connected quickly.

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