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For us, “Property Management” is not limited to the basic operation, control and oversight of real estate assets but further includes developing strategies to maximize property value and investment returns.

We distinguish ourselves through our drive to reduce expenditures, expand revenue streams, harmonize tenant relations and undertake actions today that will create value tomorrow.



We handle the rent payments by sending out monthly invoices (including a detailed breakdown of charges) to remind the tenants of the coming payment and monitor their payment behavior.


Tenants can pay their rent online, in real time, via electronic fund transfers or by credit card. This technology enables us to offer our owners on demand up-to-date information and in a clean detailed manner.


All vendors on behalf of the property are paid on time and such information is automatically organized for owners to review at any time. Our property managers adhere to strict review standards when hiring and evaluating the vendor’s work.


Apart from responsiveness and organization, we thoroughly screen all of the vendors we work with to secure high quality work for a fair price.


Running a property is no different than running a business. We provide monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.

Apartment Turnover Services

After a tenant notifies us of their intent to move, we act by scheduling a pre-move out inspection and set out the requirements regarding the (technical) condition of the property by means of a Move Out Letter

Through our full service Property Management Program, we cover the entire property value chain, acting in the best interests of our clients. We prioritize four principles:

  • Strategy: View your investment from an owners’ perspective. Make your goals ours. We develop a deep understanding of your vision for each asset and establish a strategy to achieve your targets.
  • Communication: Effective through transparency, integrity and continuity.
  • Market intelligence: Property management exceeds property performance. Our property and asset managers work together with you and are experts in your markets, assets and overall portfolio. They leverage market intelligence to benchmark and build on strengths.
  • Occupancy: An asset’s value is linked to occupancy. We work with our extensive business network and all the available marketing tools to achieve the highest occupancy rate.

Services provided by our team as part of our Property Management Program include, amongst others:

  • Weekly inspection of the property when it is unoccupied (Insects, AC, Alarm, Pool, Pumps, Irrigation, Gardens and overall functioning) to maintain the property in perfect condition.
  • Weekly meter readings of the electrical, water and gas to monitor the usage.
  • Verifying if pool and maintenance services have been executed every week.
  • Service air conditioners every six (6) months by certified professionals.
  • Act as primary contact and key holder for utility companies (electricity, gas, water, cable TV), the Security Company, and respond to alarms promptly.
  • 24/7 availability for all emergencies and take any emergency actions to responsibly protect the property.
  • Arrange all necessary services such as: house cleaning before and after each occupancy, basic home repairs, laundry, replenishment of supplies, mail collection and forwarding to Owner if required.
  • Check for insects and advise if pest control is required by a professional pest control.
  • Interact on behalf of the owner with Aruban government and authorities.
  • Provide an itemized statement of expenses on a quarterly basis via email (or more frequently if required).

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